Introducing Legs Go! Our new leg ulcer patient program

We’re proud to introduce Legs Go! Our first program to help leg ulcer patients take control of their healing!

Legs Go! is based on research which shows that if patients understand their legs and take small steps of self care, they can have a positive impact on their wound.

Through practical information, tips and easy-to follow videos, Legs Go! will guide your patients on their journey to better leg health. By looking after the body and mind, patients will feel better and take control of their leg ulcer.

Designed for patients, Legs Go! has a range of resources to explore, all encouraging self care and a better understanding of how their general health and wellbeing can impact their healing.

By getting to know their legs through informative videos, moving their body with simple yoga sessions, giving their body the right nutrition with easy recipes, looking after their mental health and listening to others share their story, your patients will have the knowledge and tools to better take control of their healing.

Visit our website to explore the resources on offer for your patients!

learn about the venous system, leg ulcers and compression therapy
exercise and movement can help your body heal
diet plays and important role in healing
mental health can impact the healing of your wound
Listen to leg ulcer patients share their story