Innovation Awards


If you work within a practice area involved in the treatment and management of wounds in the UK & ROI, you can apply now for this award.

You can make a difference

The Urgo Medical Innovation award aims to support innovative and genuine independent clinical projects and advancements within wound care practice. Projects may be submitted by any healthcare professional working in the field including: specialist and generalist clinicians, multidisciplinary teams and medical professionals.



How To Apply

1) Download our application form by clicking the button below

2) Read the instructions

3) Complete each section

4) Email your completed form to


Application Tips

1) Complete each section of the application form. Avoid duplication and be clear and concise about the objectives of the project, the timescales, the stakeholders, the budget, the outcome measures.
2) Successful applicants have not requested money for staff time or equipment/devices that should be capitally funded by their organisation. Business as Usual will not be awarded funding.
3) To help support you with your project post application whether you are successful or not, the judges are often available to help you.

4) Ensure your project meets the evaluation criteria – read the application form thoroughly.
5) Check your application before submitting. Does it read easily and is it clear to understand the objectives and stages of the project? Don’t worry about the application being overly academic,  but do check it reads well and clearly. The judges need to understand what you are trying to achieve.
6) Consider environmental sustainability – how will your project support the environment? There’s always something here even if it is healing wounds faster will reduce waste, travel to clinics, clinician travel etc.

Questions to consider

How would you involve patients/service users?
What is the situation now in your clinical practice area and what would an improvement look like?
How would you demonstrate success – what could you measure before and after?

Meet Our Judges

Heidi Sandoz

Tissue Viability Clinical Nurse Specialist at Herts Community NHS Trust

David Wylie

Director, DAWN HealthCare Consultancy

Caroline Dowsett

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability

David Russell

Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

“The Urgo Innovation award gives clinicians and clinical teams an opportunity to gain substantial funding to carry out innovative, local or national projects that can help transform care for patients. Have you got a great idea that requires some financial investment to get it off the ground? Is the only thing stopping you from progressing an innovative piece of improvement work lack of funds or time? Then the Urgo Innovation award might be able to help you. Applying for this award will encourage you to structure your project, identifying the reasons for carrying it out, identifying who will benefit and why and what the outcome measures will be. Even if you are unsuccessful, this gives you a great grounding for taking your project further.”

Heidi Sandoz
Tissue Viability Clinical Nurse Specialist at Herts Community NHS Trust

“In these days of financial constraint, it can be difficult to pump-prime new clinical initiatives to test their efficacy in practice. The Urgo Innovation Award offers the opportunity to fund an innovative project that has the potential to enhance and improve clinical care, and to receive mentorship and advice from national clinical leaders.”

David Wylie
Director, DAWN HealthCare Consultancy

“The Urgo Innovation Award is a unique opportunity to advance practice and make improvements to patient care with the support of an educational grant.”

Caroline Dowsett
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability and Clinical Lead for the lower limb service for East London Foundation Trust

Past Winners

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

How did the Urgo Innovation Award impact your project?

“The URGO innovation award has allowed our team to advance our expertise in wound care. This in turn has benefitted our wider inpatient services. We are able to offer faster tailored advice to people who use our services with less reliance on local services. Additionally we are able to teach evidence-based practice to our wider mental health nursing teams who have often not received wound care training. We are already seeing the positive impact of improved knowledge and confidence on our wards and hope this continues to improve as the project develops.” – Hayley Beech
Nicky Beard - The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

How did the Urgo Innovation Award impact your project?

“Winning the innovation award was not just about the lovely trophy. The award for me represented the ability to drive impactful change for the benefit of people with diabetes. The funding has allowed me to drive the change forward, developing educational tools that makes the process easier. One of the most important aspects of the award is having an amazing mentor, who listens to my ideas and guides me through my project. I have developed contacts that have shared values of making a difference and a team that are encouraging and keep me focused.” – Nicky Beard