Discover our NEW Measure&Go app!

Meet Measure&Go

Measure&Go is the new way to choose, measure and order the most effective Urgo Medical compression hosiery and bandages for your patients!
Whether you’re looking to find ready-to-wear compression products that match your patients needs, or order a made-to-measure garment, Measure&Go can help.
Healthcare professionals can:
  • Search Urgo compression products by conditions
  • Find the right size product for their patient
  • Generate made-to-measure order forms

Discover how Measure&Go can help your patients

Watch our video guide to Measure&Go to find out just how easy, quick and convenient made-to-measure compression can be!


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Measure&Go covers all patient requirements, from prevention to solution.

Use the app to find products with a range of treatment aims, such as:

  • Preventing occurrence
  • Managing conditions
  • Improving healing outcomes

The simple process takes you from product selection through to measuring your patient, and on to printing a completed Urgo order form to send off with your prescription.

This all-in-one app supports you with education on treatment aims, handy measuring guides and efficient ordering. 

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