Urgo Medical UK & Ireland are proud to stand with Ukraine

At Urgo Medical, we know that our dressings and compression solutions can transform the lives of patients through healing. So when we heard about the efforts of Veteran’s Army, a UK not-for-profit who have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to coordinate supplies and resources to be sent from the UK to Ukraine, we wanted to ensure that they had the supplies they needed to make a difference to those in desperate need. 


 Veteran’s Army are running Operation Nadeja, which works to support Project Nadiya, a volunteer-based private initiative to send resources to a warehouse situated at the Ukrainian border with Slovakia. From this warehouse, medical supplies are sent to field hospitals to help make a difference to those injured in the conflict, and critical aid supplies are sent to the cities of Kyiv, Odesa and Dnipro, among others. In the 5 weeks since Operation Nadeja began, Veteran’s Army have sourced, packed and transported over £400,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment. Urgo Medical UK & Ireland are very proud to be part of this effort!


You can discover more about Veteran’s Army, Operation Nadeja and the progress they are making at their Facebook page, on their website and even in the news