Urgo Foundation submission form

Innovations that aim to improve clinical practice, patient outcomes and service provision in wound care

The mission of the URGO Foundation is to extend the reach of Laboratoires URGO’s commitment to public health.

The Foundation focuses on three action pathways:

  • Supporting clinical research
  • Accompanying therapeutic training and prevention activities
  • Encouraging healthcare stakeholders via financial grants and scientific awards

Clinical award 2022

The URGO Foundation supports innovative and original projects within wound care. Projects may be submitted by any healthcare professional working in the field: specialists, clinicians, multidisciplinary teams.

Proposed projects may be focused on the prevention, treatmentof or service provision, in particular:

  • Evidence-based decision making
  • saving costs
  • improving quality of life
  • infection management
  • improving diagnosis
  • patient / caregiver training
  • clinical management of the patient, the wound and commodities (recommendations, protocols, pathways, use, etc.)
  • improvement of patient concordance
  • epidemiological data and healthcare networks

The deadline for submitting an application is 1st August 2022.

Selections for the awards will follow the below process:

  1. All applications submitted by 1st August 2022
  2. End August 2022 applications will be shortlisted
  3. October shortlisted applications will presont to the board
  4. Presentation of the award(s) to winning project(s) in Novembber at Wounds UK Conference
  5. January 2023 funding will be paid to the successful submissions(s).

Application Process

Applications must be submitted on this page no later than 1st August 2022

Pre-selection on project synopsis: 1st August 2022

Submitted projects will be retained by the board comprising of healthcare prefessionals and representatives of the URGO Foundation.

A project already underway may be admissible if:

  • It meets the eligibility and evaluation criteria;
  • It includes a detailed description of the already-completed phases and an assessment of obtained results.

Delivery of detailed projects: October 2022

The shortlisted projects will be invited to present their projects to the board in more detail.

Selection of the winner: November 2022

The winners will each receive up to £20000 grant to carry out his/her/their project(s). The board may decide to distribute the award accross severall equally-deserving projects. The winner(s) must carry out the project(s) in the 12 mounths following receipt of the award it is expected that that the preject lead/team ill complete a report of their findings by 31st October 2023 of completion of the project to Urgo Foundationq to be emailed to j.clark@uk.urgo.com. Any publication or presentation / materials as a result of this project maker reference to Urgo Foundation as a source of funding.

Project evaluation criteria

Projects will be selected according to the following criteria:
Consider does this project lower risks, reduce costs and improve outcomes?

  • The original and novel nature of the project
  • Relevance to clinical practice
  • Adequacy of the requested budget for the resources and costs associated with the project
  • Sustanability
  • Projects meet the URGO Foundation Criteria





    Project details

    Budget - Resources & Associated costs

    List all costs (Services or materials that would routinely be provided by the organisation will not be covered)
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    Other funding sources if applicable