UK Leadership Team

Stefan Cubitt

General Manager UK & Ireland

Seeing the passion that our teams bring every single day to deliver our company mission, healing people, is what makes working for Urgo Medical so fantastic. I’ve been leading high-performing teams for over 15 years, with experience in industrial, retail and healthcare sectors including over 10 years in Wound Care. Throughout the years I’ve gained expertise in sales, marketing, strategy and commercial effectiveness. Bringing all of this experience together to make a difference to the lives of patients, and bring value to caregivers who improve lives is what I’m most passionate about.

Jo Fenwick

Commercial Excellence Manager

I love being able to support the business and our people with focus and direction, using my time as a manager within the salesforce to bring real life experience of being ‘out in the field’ to Commercial Excellence. I’ve worked in wound care since 2011 and have been with Urgo Medical since 2015, working in the South East as a regional manager and managing our market access team before moving into my current role of Commercial Excellence Manager. My favourite thing about working for Urgo is the care we give to our people, clinicians and patients with our amazing products and culture.

Lorraine Grothier

UK Medical Affairs Director

Every day spent at Urgo Medical is a privilege because I work with a team of people who are committed and passionate about healing patients with wounds. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the freedom and support of my colleagues to create a vision and execute the clinical strategy for the UK and Ireland. I am a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the NHS spending 16 years as a nurse consultant in tissue viability. As Medical Affairs Director I am committed to promoting partnership working with clinicians and organisations which supports the best quality outcomes of care for patients. Every day I feel  proud that I can help to make a difference for clinicians, patients, and their families.

Thomas Poujol

Digital Healthcare Manager

What I love most at Urgo Medical is two-fold: Firstly, the commitment of everyone here to improve the lives of patients and clinicians. Be it with the products or the support our teams provide every day. Secondly, the trust and support given by managers to help employees grow within the organisation and achieve objectives they would never have dreamed of before. Because clinicians’ time is invaluable, the most crucial thing about my role is ensuring that the digital tools and services we offer are as practical as possible and have a real impact on the clinicians who use them. My objective is always to ensure that our tools do what is required, and then a little bit more.

Nidhi Mishra

Marketing Manager

The culture at Urgo Medical is unmatched. The people are driven, energetic, strategic and genuinely want to make a difference. My background is concentrated in woundcare within the medical device industry. I’ve managed compression bandages and hosiery, foams and superabsorbers on a UKI level, as well as managing UrgoStart Plus on a local and a global level out of the French offices. I believe that at Urgo we invest in people and creative, impactful solutions which make the role truly exciting and I am incredibly passionate about communicating the value of our solutions to clinicians and patients.

Sarah Summerson

Head of Learning and Development

With a background as a registered nurse, I have worked for 25 years in the wound care industry in sales, market access, management and leadership roles. I’ve had the pleasure in working for Urgo Medical for the past 9 years and now lead the Learning and Development Team. I am proud to work for an organisation which puts the patient and our people at the heart of everything we do, developing world class products and services to work in partnership with our clinicians. I’m passionate about leading the development of our people by providing creative and innovative learning opportunities developing their knowledge, skills and capabilities so that they can be the best version of themselves and provide the highest level of support to the teams in the NHS and Healthcare providers.

Emma Taylor

Industrial Operations Manager

What I love about working for Urgo Medical is the people and our true sense of teamwork; our shared mission of healing people drives everything that we do. I feel passionate about producing best-in-class products that heal our patients, often leading to life changing results. I feel that my team support clinicians to make a huge difference in the quality of life experienced by their patients. I’ve managed teams in operations and supply chain in various industries including food, power management, packaging, fashion and now medical devices. The focus of my career has always been customer delivery at the best quality and value, and I love the fact that this means that no two days are the same.

Lyndsey Bryant

Business Development Manager

There are so many great things about working for Urgo Medical, the Urgo culture is one of my favourite things. Our people are friendly, supportive and passionate which makes each day enjoyable and exciting. I’ve worked in wound care for 13 years where I’ve had the opportunity to take on different roles ranging from Area Sales Manager, Team Leader, Regional Sales Manager, Healthcare Partnership Manager and more recently Sales Manager. I’ve managed many different teams over the years and spent 6 years in management roles. Now, as the Business Development Manager for the bandages and hosiery portfolio, I’m passionate about customer engagement and finding new solutions to help clinicians and their patients succeed. 

Rabinder Kaur

Human Resources Manager

HR has always been a career with a purpose for me, and that, coupled with the knowledge that Urgo Medical is making a positive difference to the lives of patients, gives me a whole new level of fulfilment. I am most passionate about fairness for all, which is the reason I chose a career in HR. Over the last 20+ years I’ve gained experience in both public and global private sector organisations with particular expertise in HR management, including the management of complex projects and change initiatives designed to improve employee relations, development, and engagement. At Urgo Medical I have the pleasure of working with and for an amazing team who have shared values underpinning an amazing culture and ethical decision making in an environment where everyone can succeed and maximise their potential.

Helen Atkinson

Commercial Director

It’s exciting to be a part of an organisation that is so passionate about making a true difference to patients’ lives. At Urgo, I see that every individual can and does make a difference; we have the opportunity to shape our future organisation and lead in wound care, not only locally but across the globe. I’m passionate about leading a world class sales team, where each person is recognised, empowered, and celebrated. I have a background as a leader in medical sales from pharma to orthopaedics and now wound care where I thrive on building high-performing teams. I have a zest for collaborating across the business, where we work as one team, driving the business so that we achieve our goals together.